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Twenty Two Year Anniversary

Man Its our 22 year anniversary ! And we are still tattooing the Champaign Urbana area! Why? Because we have been voted the areas best more times than any other shop! We have ceramic tile floors antimicrobial grout, our sterilizer gets maintenanced and monitored like its suppose to! And we have won awards from all over the nation!

Tattooing Champaign - Urbana

Clean, Safe, Licensed,Published, Award winning! For twenty years now Vision World Tattoo has been tattooing and piercing the Champaign-Urbana area. We are known for being ego-free, and this shop is clean and inviting. Let us use our creativity  to create a unique tattoo that encapsulates your vision, and bring it to the world. (hence the name).. Vision World's highly skilled throughly trained well equiped studio, delivers the results you want, with less pain than you think! 

Being here twenty plus years now.  And the reason why is we are champaign locals, We care about our clients, and the community. So if your nervous about getting your first tattoo, or meeting new artist, Relax and come on in! Sr is a rock country guy so when hes here thats the enviroment . Ray Allen is a hip hop cat so thats what youll get when hes here. We have seen lots of tattoo and piercing places all over this nation and while ours is small, the lay out is sweet. Ceramic tile antimicrobial grout, a sterilizer that gets maintained like its suppose, lots of single use equipment. While we like to start off with from flash or web images to see where you are coming from. Rest assured each and every tattoo is 100% custom!